About us

Eurora doors were created as a result of increasing demand of this kind products.
All Eurora doors are being produced in Myślenice in małopolskie vovoidship, with the usage of the most up-to-date CNC machinery as well as qualified workers.
Years of experience in door production lead us to achieve very high quality, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
People with great knowledge and qualifications take part in door production from the very project up to its finishing.
We listen to our clients, respond to their expectations and always try to fit the doors to modern technology and make the usage even easier.
Take our invitation and read through our offer as we believe it will meet your expectations.




  • Beauty, elegance and extraordinary form of natural raw material.

    Door models with stone and

  • For customers who value modern design, we offer exclusive recessed handles. Products of a simple form,