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We are pleased inform about the introduction of the year 2016, the next version of the reader Keyboard with Bluetooth with glass panel. EUROA – Perfect fit doors. Zobacz więcej
In the offer of the EUROA appeared new aluminium door designs. The new models are dedicated under the special line pull handles (visible on the accompanying visualizations).Themes vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines in conjunction with exclusive pull handles, create a modern and unique solutions,... Zobacz więcej
In December 2013, in the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw, Euroa  doors were tested for burglar in class RC3 (WK 3). Our doors were marked with positive results, thus all models in Dutch, Danish, Bulgarian and French series (excluding models 4001-4005), as PLUS ( sided panel)... Zobacz więcej
In response to the great interest in our doors, we are currently searching for dealers in all Poland, who could help us in efficient, quick and secure delivery of our products to the customer. All interested companies are welcomed to contact our sales department. Zobacz więcej